Politics and Security vs. Social Issues

Two election campaigns can be seen in the TV campaign spots, and appear to be unrelated. The election campaign of Kadima, the Likud and the right-wing parties is almost exclusively dedicated to political and security issues. And the election campaign of Labor, Shas, Meretz-Yahad and the small parties are almost exclusively dedicated to social issues. Is this the real "big bang" of these elections? The bang that split the political system into Israel No. 1 and Israel No. 2?

The Labor Party, meanwhile, is refusing to concede to the rule that an agenda must be political and that anyone with a social agenda is not fit to be prime minister. It has even recruited Bill Clinton and Tony Blair to show that really, even they had a social agenda.

There is no doubt these ads are characterized not by the party leaders, but by the top party officials, who are meant to hide the leaders' weaknesses. One Kadima ad is remarkably similar to the beginning of the satirical TV show "A Wonderful Country." Could this be a type of post-modernism, in which reality imitates satire?

And why isn't the Likud displaying its top party officials? Maybe because they have a clear leader, or maybe because they prefer to hide the weakness of their top officials.

Then again, maybe it's because they're always thinking about Ehud Olmert.