Policeman Accused of Raping and Beating 18-year-old Yeruham Woman

A policeman from the Taibeh station and a friend who is an inspector in a secret Ministry of Transportation unit, who also is a police volunteer, are suspected of abducting an 18-year-old woman from Yeruham and raping her.

The two were indicted in the Be'er Sheva District Court, though a gag order was held on the case until yesterday. The two are also accused of attacking the woman and extortion.

The indictment claims the inspector contacted the young woman and offered to meet her in the Be'er Sheva central bus station. She agreed, even though she did not know him. The two met, says the indictment, and the inspector gave a false name and claimed he was a detective. A few days later he contacted her again and invited her for another date, and this time he started complimenting her, saying, "you have a beautiful body."

On the third date, the inspector brought his friend with him, says the indictment, and the women brought a friend. The four went to the house of another friend of the woman in Be'er Sheva. When she later went to get her purse from the men's car, the policeman allegedly grabbed her by the hair and forced her into the car while the inspector drove them all away. The accused beat her in the car, bashing her head on the seats. The woman was scared to act since she knew the inspector had a pistol.

The indictment states that during the drive, the policeman took off his clothes and asked her to perform sexual acts. She resisted, though he continued to use force to push himself upon her, the indictment states.

At one point when the car stopped, the woman tried to flee, but the two chased after her and forced her back into the car. They then handcuffed her, forcibly removed her clothes and performed indecent acts on her while ignoring her pleas. They beat her further after she once again refused to perform sexual acts, and they dumped her on a Be'er Sheva street.