Police Suspect Teens Hurt in Game of 'Road Roulette'

The police are investigating whether an accident in Migdal Ha'emek on Monday that left two teens injured, one seriously, after a third hit them with his car was actually the result of a game of "chicken" gone wrong.

Police initially believed that the victims, both 17, were on the sidewalk when a classmate who had recently received his driver's license swerved off the road and onto the pavement, hitting them. It later became clear, however, that the victims were in the street when they were hit.

Both of the victims were hospitalized at Haifa's Rambam Medical Center. One was admitted to the neurosurgery unit, unconscious, while the other is in a surgical ward.

Residents of Migdal Ha'emek, including high-school students, told Haaretz yesterday that the "game," known in Israel as "road roulette," is sometimes "played" in the town. Police officials said they obtained similar information after the accident, but still are not yet sure whether Monday's incident was a result of a game.

"Even if it was [road roulette], it wasn't arranged in advance between the driver and the two other teens," a police official said.

Opinions were divided among students who spoke to Haaretz, with some insisting that the accident was the result of road roulette and others denying that any such game existed. "The driver got nervous and lost control and hit the students. There was no game here," one said.

Both the school, ORT Rogozin, and the Education Ministry declined to comment.