Police Searching for Suspect in Sex Attack on School Grounds

The Tel Aviv Police are searching for an unknown man suspected of sodomizing a 7-year-old girl on the grounds of her North Tel Aviv school.

The alleged assault took place on Sunday afternoon. The girl informed school staffers immediately afterward, and they informed her parents, who told the police.

According to the girl, she was playing with friends in the school's backyard when a strange man called her over to the fence surrounding the compound.

When she approached, he grabbed her and sodomized her.

None of the school staff noticed what was happening.

A few minutes later, the man finished his act and left, and the girl immediately told a school counselor.

The school guard and a city patrolman searched the area, however found no trace of the man.

However, they did find several pornographic pamphlets nearby.

Police questioned the school's staff and the neighbors in an effort to try to identify the man, and began to suspect the man may have assaulted other children as well.

Yesterday, a young woman whose sister studies at the school told the police that a week ago, she saw a neighborhood man, whom she recognized, standing near the school for a long time and observing the children.

She said the man had once been with her at a summer camp in the United States, but was kicked out for "immoral behavior" toward the female campers.