Police Reveal Shocking Details of Repeated Rape in Rosh Ha'ayin

In one of the most shocking sexual assault cases in Israel's history, three arrested over tit-for-tat rapes within their family.

Police have released more details about a Rosh Ha'ayin sexual assault case that they are calling one of the most shocking they have ever seen.

The case involves an extended family. Police have listed three suspected assailants and four victims.

A home remodeler stands accused of repeatedly raping and abusing his niece, now 28, starting when she was 17, and performing indecent acts on her brother over a two-year period. The man is their guardian.

In revenge, the brother allegedly began to rape his cousin, the home remodeler's son.

In addition, the mother of the 28-year-old woman allegedly engaged in forced sexual relations with one of the home remodeler's daughters.

About a month ago, the 28-year-old filed a complaint with the Rosh Ha'ayin police, apparently in the wake of psychological counseling.

She told police that when she was a child, conditions deteriorated at home due to her parents' drug use. She and her two brothers moved in with their uncle, who was appointed their guardian.

For 10 years, her uncle repeatedly raped her and abused her physically, sexually and emotionally, until she moved out last year.

Over the course of the police investigation, the initial victim's brother allegedly admitted to raping his cousin, and also said his mother had committed indecent acts on her niece, the home remodeler's daughter, when the girl was 7 years old.

Police immediately arrested the uncle, who initially denied any wrongdoing, but later admitted to some minor improprieties. His sister, the mother of the main complainant, is also under arrest.