Police Quash Peace Now Demo Next to Hebron

Some 150 Peace Now activists who sought to demonstrate in Hebron yesterday were stopped by large police forces at the Halhoul Junction.

The policemen told them the area had been declared a closed military zone, and therefore, they were not allowed to enter. A confrontation then developed between the demonstrators and policemen, with some of protesters sporadically blocking roads. The head of Peace Now's Settlement Watch project, Dror Etkes, was taken in for questioning at the Hebron police station; only after his release did the demonstrators agree to leave the site.

Peace Now head Yariv Oppenheimer said that to circumvent police, the movement plans to infiltrate activists into Hebron on ordinary buses. It will also petition the High Court of Justice for permission to demonstrate in the city. The organization wants to demonstrate in all settlements it considers to be a high priority for evacuation.