Police Probing Possible Mistaken Arrest in Accident

Police are investigating the possibility that they arrested the wrong man over a fuel leak that caused a fatal traffic accident on Route 90 over Shabbat.

The accident occurred when Nufar Yehuda's car skidded on the oil slick and crashed into a car going in the opposite direction. Nufar's parents, Esther and Simhoni Yehuda of Moshav Yardena, were killed instantly.

In the other car, two other people were seriously injured and two lightly injured.

A few hours after the accident, police arrested truck driver Riyan Khaku of Kafr Kama on suspicion of having been responsible for the fuel leak.

Khaku admitted that his vehicle had been at the scene of the accident about half an hour earlier, because he had stopped on the shoulder to fix a flat tire. However, he denied that his tank had been leaking diesel fuel.

Now, police are considering the possibility that Khaku was indeed not the culprit.

Yesterday, they decided against requesting an extension of his remand, which they had originally planned to do, and they also conducted additional tests at the scene of the crash.

'He never hurt a fly'

Attorney Shoshana Atad, who represents Khaku, said: "He's completely broken. This is a the kind of truck driver you don't meet every day. A man so responsible that he has never in his life hurt a fly.

"This story fell on him like a bolt from the blue. There's a limit to what a man can bear. But he's so sure of himself; he knows that he didn't do anything and that they have nothing on him."