Police Plan for Evicting Settlers From East Jerusalem Building Leaked Online

Jerusalem police respond that leaked plan was an old one, did not include all aspects of the eviction and that plan had been prepared jointly with civilian bodies.

The police plan for evicting Beit Yonatan in East Jerusalem's Silwan neighborhood leaked onto right-wing news site Rotter.net on Tuesday. The site published a lengthy Power Point presentation that included orders, officer deployment and maps, and then took it down a few hours later at the police's request.

Several years ago, the court ordered the eviction of Beit Yonatan, an illegally built apartment building that is home to 10 Jewish families in the heart of Palestinian-majority Silwan.

Police officers standing guard outside Beit Yonatan
Gil Cohen Magen

In recent months, the attorney general and state prosecutor have increased their pressure on Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat to evict the residents and seal off the building. The eviction was scheduled for four months ago, but was called off at the last minute.

The leaked plan appears to have been prepared for the police station closest to the building, the Shalem station.

"The Shalem station, assisted by district forces, will help the Jerusalem municipality safeguard people and property, public order, and traffic before, during and after the eviction and sealing of Beit Yonatan," states the presentation. Police must "assist the inner circle and handle any rioting following the eviction."

The plan calls for police to enter the neighborhood the day before the eviction and clear out all vehicles blocking the access road to the building. On the day of the eviction, one unit will exclusively make arrests and another will control rioting.

The anti-riot force will be stationed due to police concerns that right-wing activists may try to take revenge as part of their "price tag" policy.

Shay Rotter, head of content at Rotter.net, said the document was removed at the police's request yesterday.

The Jerusalem police responded that the leaked plan was an old one and did not include all aspects of the eviction. The plan had been prepared jointly with civilian bodies, and an investigation was underway to find out how it leaked, police added.