Police: NIS 1M Paid to Hirchson's Bank Account in Dozens of Deposits

Finance Minister Abraham Hirchson is preparing for his second police interrogation later this week.

His associates say he will only decide on his future in the Finance Ministry after that session.

"He needs to see exactly what the charges against him are and then make a decision," they say. "Until then he is finance minister unless the attorney general decides otherwise."

In the meantime, Hirchson is trying to return to business as usual and yesterday participated in a Kadima ministers' gathering and the weekly cabinet session before heading to the treasury for professional meetings.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's associates also said that until Attorney General Menachem Mazuz decides otherwise, "Abraham Hirchson is the finance minister." However, Olmert is preparing for the possibility that he will have to replace Hirchson. Possible replacements that have been mentioned include Interior Minister Roni Bar-On, Haim Ramon (should his name be cleared) and Housing Minister Meir Sheetrit; there is also a chance that Olmert will opt for a professional from outside the political spectrum.

Police detectives have uncovered dozens of cash deposits totaling about NIS 1 million in Hirchson's bank account, which were made in recent years.

In addition to Hirchson's bank statements, the police investigators also have paperwork from his son Ofer's account, which also shows suspicious deposits.