Police Hunting for Head of Int'l Women Trafficking Network

Tel Aviv police are searching for Jacky Yazdi, who is suspected of running Israel's biggest woman trafficking network. The ring allegedly smuggled thousands of women from the former Soviet Union into Israel, Cyprus, Belgium and England, forcing them to work as prostitutes.

Yazdi and his son Golan were arrested in January last year after a young woman from the FSU complained they threatened her and forced her to work in their brothels. She also said the two men also raped her.

At the end of a two-year international investigation, 12 Israelis and more than 20 suspects in several other countries were arrested Sunday. The suspected ringleader is Rami Saban, 35, of Moshav Megadim in the north, who was investigated for allegedly helping bring hit men from Belarus to assassinate underworld kingpin Nissim Alperon.