Police Grill Alleged Child Killer's Family

Police yesterday questioned the parents and brother of the man suspected of murdering his three-year-old daughter, to shed light on what might have led Assaf Goldring to allegedly commit the murder.

Although the family was questioned for several hours, sources in the Central District's Central Unit, which is handling the investigation, said yesterday that they had enough evidence from the initial investigation, the crime scene and Goldring's initial confession to recommend an indictment.

"The case is really shocking, but in terms of the investigation, it is not like the 'Rose case'," a senior Central Unit investigator said, referring to Rose Pizem, a four-year-old whose mother and grandfather were indicted for her murder. "There is no complicated probe, we have excellent evidence."

Yesterday Goldring was transfered to the Be'er Yaakov psychiatric facility for a preliminary examination of several hours, which will continue over the next few days.

Before Goldring changed his story and stopped cooperating with the police, he told investigators that his wife had turned the child against him.

"When I wanted to give her candy, she said her mother had warned her I was going to poison her," Goldring said.

Police say the investigation shows that Goldring went to sleep shortly after his daughter fell asleep, and that he allegedly suffocated her after he woke up at around 2 A.M. He did not wait until she fell asleep and then suffocated her, as they had initially surmised.