Police Detain Private Eyes Tagging Magen David Director General

Police on Friday detained two private investigators suspected of invading the privacy of Magen David Adom director general Eli Bin, whom they allegedly tagged.

The two suspects - a 37-year-old deputy director of an investigations firm and the firm's head of surveillance, age 32 - were arrested on charges of harassment and breach of privacy.

Yaron Ahrak, deputy chief of Petah Tikva police, told Haaretz that the investigation was launched on Wednesday after the MDA chief filed a complaint stating that he felt he was being followed.

The two men were brought for arraignment before a Magistrate's judge in Petah Tikva, who decided to release them on bail, granting their requests to impose an injunction on publishing their names and photos.

It is still unknown who ordered the surveillance. Although the suspects' attorneys divulged the information in court, the judge said she had no way of determining the information's credibility. The attorneys say their clients deny the allegation that they invaded Bin's privacy.

"The probe is in its earliest stages. This is a complex, delicate, and sensitive investigation and additional measures are expected," Ahrak said, adding that he was not ruling out the possibility of additional arrests.

MDA said in response that it is "alarmed at these acts, which were most likely perpetrated by certain elements who for some time now have been attempting to harass and besmirch the organization."

MDA officials added that they are "convinced that law enforcement agencies will prosecute the suspects and their operators to the full extent of the law."