Police Arrest Two Ashkelon Grannies for Drug Running

Two Ashkelon grandmothers were arrested yesterday on suspicion of running drugs.

Acting on a tip about an imminent drug deal, police raided the home of a 68-year-old Ashkelon woman, where they found 43 grams of heroin stored in a shoe - 100 times the quantity that merits charges of possession for personal use.

The woman told police she had been working as a cleaner, until a 63-year-old woman approached her a few months ago and told her "you can make a lot of money and not do anything" by bringing drugs to places where they were sold.

The first suspect revealed the identity of the second woman, who was also arrested.

Police said the first suspect, who has no criminal record, said she regretted her actions.

"I educated my children and grandchildren that drugs are terrible and they should stay away from them. I therefore did not sell to individuals," she told detectives.

Police said the other woman has been running drugs for a long time, and that her son is also involved.

Police also said they have not yet decided whether to ask the court to remand the two women, as they are on medications that would make keeping them in jail problematic.