Police Aim to Cut Role of Trucks in Accidents

Trucks were involved in 35 serious traffic accidents involving injury and death between January and April, a 67 percent increase over the comparable period in 2003. Twenty-one such accidents occurred between January and April 2003, according to the Israel Police traffic division.

According to police data, most accidents occurred in the north of the country.

Due to the increase in accidents involving trucks over the past number of months, police have decided to focus on enforcing truck-related traffic laws in an effort to reduce this phenomenon.

In a special operation that started yesterday and is set to last through the end of next month, police cruisers will be placed along certain routes with high levels of truck traffic and high accident rates.

The rate of truck involvement in accidents is quite high considering their actual proportion of the total number of vehicles on Israeli roads.

This is attributed to the fatigue of truck drivers who travel extended periods without taking rest breaks.