Netanyahu to Fox News: I Didn't Retract Support for Two-state Solution

In interview with U.S. network, Israeli PM says Israel has to rather 'change the terms,' force Palestinians to accept Jewish state and break unity gov't with Hamas.

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Screenshot from PM Netanyahu's inteview on Fox News' 'The Kelly File,' March 19, 2015.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Fox News' "The Kelly File" on Thursday night that his remarks ruling out a Palestinian state during his next term as premier don't contradict his previous stated support of the two-state solution.

"I didn’t retract any of the things I said in my speech six years ago, calling for a solution in which a demilitarized Palestinian state recognizes a Jewish state," Netanyahu said to Megyn Kelly, host of "The Kelly File." "I said that the conditions for that, today, are not achievable for a simple reason: [Mahmoud Abbas], the leader of the Palestinians, rejects consistently the acceptance of a Jewish state. He’s made a pact with the Palestinian terrorist organization, Hamas, that calls for our destruction. And the conditions in the Middle East have changed to the point where any territory we withdraw from is immediately taken up by Iranian-backed terrorists or by ISIS."

Addressing talk that the White House would spearhead a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for a resumption of peace talks, Netanyahu said: "I hope that's not true, and I think that President Obama has said time and time again, as I've said, that the only path to a peace agreement is an agreement, a negotiated agreement. You can't impose it." "You can't force the people of Israel, who've just elected me by a wide margin to bring them peace and security, to secure the State of Israel, to accept terms that would endanger the very survival of the State of Israel. I don't think that's the direction of American policy. I hope it's not."

Netanyahu, whose Likud party won 30 seats in Tuesday's Knesset election, also spoke about the nuclear negotiations with Iran and comments he made regarding Israel Arab voter turnout. 

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