PM's Former Maid 'Fears for Her Life' After Death Threats

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's former housekeeper, Lillian Peretz, filed a complaint with the police yesterday saying that she has received death threats since filing her lawsuit against Netanyahu's wife, Sara.

She told the police that someone had called her mobile phone and threatened that "if you haven't ended this affair within 12 hours, you'll be personally hurt. This is from Bibi."

Bibi is Netanyahu's nickname. However, Peretz's lawyer, Asaf Saraf, said his client is convinced that the threats have nothing to do with the prime minister.

"This was unexpected," Peretz told Channel 2 television. "The whole country is not obligated to believe me ... [but] this has gotten completely out of proportion. I'm afraid for my children."

Saraf, who accompanied Peretz to the Hadera police station last night, said, "My client fears for her life. She doesn't suspect that this is connected to the prime minister and his wife, but to other parties."

Peretz sued Sara Netanyahu for NIS 300,000, claiming that her former employer had abused and humiliated her during the six years she spent working at the Netanyahu home in Caesarea, and also failed to pay her the benefits due her by law. She has repeatedly denied that any political party or interest lies behind the suit.

The Prime Minister's Office said in response that Netanyahu condemns all illegal behavior. "The prime minister and his wife have sought throughout to have the matter clarified solely via the courts," the statement said.