Pizem Requests Relocation to Remote Judean Hills Community

Marie-Charlotte Pizem, accused of murdering her 4-year-old daughter Rose, is to remain in custody, the Petah Tikva District Court ruled yesterday. However, the judge did not rule out the possibility of a suitable alternative location to hold her, if it can be found.

Pizem's attorneys have requested that she be sent to an isolated location in the Judean Hills. The fenced off site serves a small community that lives there. It is locked at night, has a strict daily routine and only one telephone for the entire community, the use of which is regulated.

Judge Meir Yifrach wrote in his verdict that the site does not correspond to the strict conditions required for the detainment of murder suspects. These conditions include 24-hours guards, electronic tags, restrictions from leaving the country, and more.

The residents of the site offered to supervise Pizem in the daytime only, and warned that if she doesn't fit into the routine of the community she would have to leave. The judge wrote that there are risks in choosing a remote site, the residents of which have no experience of guarding prisoners. He added that the attorneys did not propose strict enough conditions for the alternative custody.

Yifrach went on to say that Pizem's case was "exceptionally exceptional," and therefore deserved special considerations. He said she was of no further risk to society and there was no fear that she might escape. Considering this, he said, any further request for alternative custody will be separately considered.