Petah Tikva Religious Schools Start Playing Offense

Two of the Petah Tikva religious schools that refused to admit students of Ethiopian origin intend to distribute a pamphlet vindicating their stance to the city's religious community today.

The pamphlet, put out by the Lamerhav and Darchei Noam schools, dismisses accusations of racial discrimination and blasts the "hypocrites" who "would rather the [Ethiopian] child sit in the classroom and suffer than go to a suitable school."

The pamphlet cites former Haaretz editor Hanoch Marmari, who wrote in an essay in the online paper The Seventh Eye that "a coalition of incitement has formed around those schools." This coalition is headed by the prime minister, president and education minister, who have not examined the issue in depth, Marmari wrote.

Also today, the religious paper B'Sheva will publish an article by a prominent religious Zionist rabbi, Eliezer Melamed, slamming the moderate stream of religious Zionism and accusing Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar of deriving his ideology from "the Communist left, which tries to create outward equality among all people."