Petah Tikva Man Gets 38 Days for Threatening to Shoot Judge

A man convicted of threatening to shoot the judge hearing his alimony case was sent to jail for 38 days yesterday.

Alfred Marsh of Petah Tikva was convicted after he told his wife's lawyer that he would shoot a Kfar Sava Family Court judge if ordered to pay NIS 4,000 a month in alimony.

"If somebody shoots the judge, it'll be me," said Marsh. "I'll burn this whole place down."

After pleading guilty, Marsh was sentenced to three months of community service in addition to the jail time. He also received a six-month suspended sentence.

In times like these, when people "pay with their lives for arguments over minor matters," said Judge Lia Lev On, "the courts must be extremely careful to be strict in order to deter, but also to take into account the individual interest and personal circumstances."

Lev On said Marsh had expressed remorse and was not represented by counsel when he made the remarks. The judge also noted that Marsh had no criminal record, and said she believed the penalty would have the desired deterrent effect on Marsh.

The prosecution had asked the court to send a "clear and uncompromising message" in light of what it described as a recent spate of attacks on law-enforcement officials.

Earlier this week, the Courts Administration received a fax threatening to kill a judge.

"Another judge should be murdered like those in the past," said the fax, which was sent to the office of Courts Administration director Judge Moshe Gal but not addressed to him directly. "We'll kill a judge with a LAW missile or a Kalashnikov rifle."

The letter was signed "the group."

The Courts Administration would not comment on the threat other than to confirm that the fax had been handed over to the police.