Peace Diplomacy / Bibi's Resistance Front

Barack Obama may not bring a peace plan with him to Egypt on June 4, but note that the U.S. president's speech marks 42 years since the eve of the Six-Day War. Okay, so his speech won't present "clear details" and he will only "refer to the matter," as the White House spokesman says. It is still clear as day that the new administration intends to end the Israeli occupation in both the West Bank and Golan Heights. The Six-Day War must finally end.

Is there still a need for clarification? Have the disputes not been clarified to Benjamin Netanyahu's satisfaction, though he pretends not to understand? On all the roofs of Washington - the White House, the State Department and Congress - birds sing of U.S. policy, and the diplomatic picture could not be clearer.

Only one issue remains unclear - whether Obama will succeed where his predecessor has failed, whether he can stand his ground where American power has faltered for decades and not collapse under the weight of his inheritance: Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, to say nothing of the global economic crisis.

Last week you could hear the sigh of relief by concerned hearts in Jerusalem who were spared the punishment of the American plan - the complete opposite of the plan of Netanyahu, Avigdor Lieberman and Ehud Barak, who were overjoyed that they were given more time to tread water.

In our free time we can now expand the settlements' borders, because naturally we don't want the settlers' descendants to be living as refugees under the open skies. After all, let's admit that peace with our neighbors is nothing but an American caprice - "childish nonsense," as Netanyahu's spokespeople described it on their way back to Israel.

In their minds, peace can wait until the next war, because, hey, their situation is far from dismal. Aren't their Jerusalem and their coalition both complete and intact? In any case, they have no intention to dismantle settlements, divide Jerusalem, adopt the two-state mantra or leave the Golan - what are they, crazy?

We no longer need a detailed peace plan because it's already here, known to all, lying on the table. It's not only American, but global, adopted by everyone but Netanyahu and his government. Everyone knows what must be given and got, and Netanyahu alone continues his rearguard battle, dragging this epic Israeli tragedy on and on.

The plan is not the problem here, only the resistance front - Bibi and his buddies are not interested in any plan, nor do they have a program of their own to propose.

Sure, we all want peace, it's well known - one that doesn't involve moving a single settlement, just maybe a dumpster or two. Preferably empty.