Peace Activists Photograph Masked Police Rounding Up Terror Suspects

British peace activists on Saturday documented through the window of a bus a police operation intended to locate terror suspects in Beit Hanina.

The photos show police from an elite Jerusalem unit wearing masks. Seven Palestinian suspects are seen near them, lying on the ground handcuffed and facing the asphalt.

The Jerusalem police said yesterday that the pictures document a police operation aimed to locate accomplices of Palestinians who are in Israel illegally and suspected of involvement in terror.

The tour bus passengers, students from England, were horrified to see a group of masked men in civilian garb standing over a group of handcuffed men lying on the sidewalk. Only the word police on the ski masks indicated who they were.

The passengers also photographed one police officer leading a man, bent over with his hands cuffed behind his back, to an unmarked car. A Machsom Watch activist was told by the Neveh Yaakov police station that the cuffed men were "suspects."

The students were on a tour organized by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), on their way back from Pisgat Ze'ev and Shuafat. They stopped at a red light in Jerusalem's French Hill neighborhood. A few students took shots of the events.

ICAHD member Angela Godfrey-Goldstein said she had encountered many operations to arrest Palestinians, but never via this method. She estimated there were four to six policemen and about 10 detainees.

The bus stood for about four minutes at the red light while many cars and pedestrians passed by, Godfrey-Goldstein said.

No one, not even the bus full of British tourists, stayed with the detainees, so Godfrey-Goldstein does not know what happened to them or of what they are accused.