Parents of Slain Golan Girl to Sue State for NIS 2.5 M

The parents of murdered teen Tair Rada plan to file a lawsuit today seeking NIS 2.5 million in punitive damages from the state and the Nofei Golan school, where she was a seventh-grade pupil.

The Radas hold the state responsible for not ensuring the safety of their daughter, who was brutally murdered in a bathroom at her school in the Golan Heights town of Katzrin in December 2006. Their attorney said that the compensation sought is meant to cover physical damage, pain, suffering and loss of earnings since the crime.

"At every stage, the authorities committed grave failures that led to the brutal, unnecessary murder of this talented girl," said Oshri Shloosh, the attorney. The suit is also directed against the Katzrin local council and the Golan Regional Council.

The plaintiffs say the school's fence was low enough to climb over and had holes in it, the gates were unguarded and strangers could enter the school grounds uninspected. They also charge that when Tair failed to return to her class after the break, leaving her school bag unattended, none of the teachers noticed. Only in the evening was her body found in the toilet stall.

Shloosh said that on the day of the murder, the security officer for the local council was still undergoing a training course. Moreover, the school had hired a contractor who employed several workers without visas, and these workers had not undergone police background checks, in violation of Education Ministry guidelines. The contractor himself was hired by the principal without being vetted by the security officer.