Pardoned Prisoners May Have Conditions Imposed

Knesset passes preliminary reading of bill providing for reimprisonment without trial of so-called 'security prisoners' who had been pardoned by the president.

A bill that would provide for the reimprisonment without trial of so-called "security prisoners" who had been pardoned by the president, should they resume terror-related activities, passed in a preliminary reading in the Knesset yesterday.

The bill, sponsored by MK Danny Danon (Likud ), stipulates that the pardon given security prisoners would be seen as conditional, similar to the presidential pardon given to prisoners serving life sentences. The bill enables the state to return them to prison automatically for the remainder of their original term if they relapse, with no need for a retrial.

"Since many prisoners released as part of agreements are not life prisoners, it should be stipulated that those who acted out of nationalistic motives and were not sentenced to life would be released on probation and recidivists may be reimprisoned for the rest of their original term," the bill's explanation notes.

"Every terrorist who is released from prison and continues his terrorist activities should know he will continue to be held under lock and key," Danon said.