Panel Refuses to Expel Paritzky From Shinui

The Knesset House Committee rejected a request by the Shinui faction to expel MK Yosef Paritzky from the party and take away all funding reserved for political parties, and asked the parties to reach a settlement in the dispute.

Yesterday's ruling followed state prosecutor Eran Shandar's decision on Monday not to press charges against Paritzky in the affair of the attempted framing of co-party member Avraham Poraz.

Shinui sought the committee's approval to forgo Paritzky's rights to receive party-funding monies amounting to approximately NIS 60,000 per month, in addition to expelling him from the party.

In a letter sent before the hearing, Shinui faction chairman Reshef Chayne told House Committee chairman Roni Bar-On that Paritzky had used his voting power as MK in support of actions that undermine Shinui decisions that obligate all faction members.

Chayne claims that by acting the way he did, Paritzky demonstrated clear preference for nothing more than personal gain and engendering hostility.

In response, Paritzky said Monday that "never did a letter contain so much nonsense."