West Bank Palestinians Pirating Israeli Satellite to Watch World Cup

Commentary might be in Hebrew - but keeping up with the latest matches in Brazil comes at a fraction of the cost.


Palestinians in the West Bank are pirating Israeli satellites in large numbers, in order to watch the FIFA 2014 World Cup at almost no cost.

Israel, which falls under the European market, is broadcasting the games free of charge on cable channels. But West Bank establishments provide viewing through the Qatar-based beIN Sports. Palestinians who opt for a network subscription must cough up 1,300 shekels (roughly $375). Instead, many are choosing to pay a one-time fee of 40-80 shekels (roughly 12-24 dollars) in order to watch the games via Israeli channels 1, 2, 10 or 33.

Palestinians have been lining up to get dish antennas, which are pointed at the Amos satellite that hosts the Israeli channels that are airing the games, complete with Hebrew commentary. 

According to the report, there aren't enough technicians to keep up with the high demand.