Palestinians Claim Jewish Settlers Attack Villagers, Killed Livestock

Villager says dozens of armed settlers assaulted residents of Yanoun on Saturday.

Palestinians say Jewish settlers attacked a West Bank village, beating residents and killing three sheep.

Villager Rashed Ani Jaber says dozens of armed settlers assaulted the residents of Yanoun on Saturday afternoon. He says four villagers were taken to a hospital for treatment.

He says another villager was beaten after he was arrested and handcuffed by soldiers.

Israel's military says troops rushed to the scene to find the sides throwing rocks at each other and used tear gas to disperse them. It says military medics treated two Palestinians and one Israeli at the site.

Clashes between Israeli settlers and Palestinians frequently break out in the West Bank.  Palestinians want the territory as part of their future state.

Settlers view it as Israel's biblical heartland.