Palestinian Security Prisoners Across Israel to Join PFLP in Hunger Strike

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine launched hunger strike on September 27 to protest isolation of senior Palestinian prisoners.

Security prisoners in all Israeli prisons plan to announce on Monday that they are joining the hunger strike declared by jailed activists of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the hundreds of other prisoners who have identified with them, including Israeli Arab security prisoners.

The hunger strike was launched on September 27 to protest the isolation of several senior Palestinian prisoners, among them the PFLP's general secretary, Ahmad Saadat.

Prison - Limor Edri
Limor Edri

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An announcement released on Sunday by inmates in the Gilboa Prison said that security prisoners had decided to join the strike until their demands were met, among them a halt to the policy of solitary confinement and the upholding of prisoners' rights, which they said had been won after a difficult struggle that took place over many years.

The Israel Prison Service has been conducting talks with prisoner leaders in every prison in an effort to prevent any collective decision. The IPS said that the policy on solitary confinement is set by the political echelons, but that one suggestion - that all prisoners in solitary confinement be kept in the same guarded area of the prison - may be acceptable to the prisoners.

The prisoners' demands have started to garner support outside the prisons. There are solidarity marches scheduled for tomorrow in several cities in the West Bank and Gaza, and the Solidarity Committee for Prisoners has declared Friday to be a day of solidarity with the hunger strikers.