Palestinian Security Force Raids Jenin Refugee Camp

Palestinian Authority takes stand against crime, which has increased since Israeli troops moved in last month and killed a resident.

A more than 600-strong Palestinian security force raided the Jenin refugee camp Saturday, in a crackdown on growing unrest during the past month in the northern West Bank city, its governor said.

Residents said they heard explosions and shooting after the forces' entry into the camp, home to 16,000 people. No casualties were reported.

Governor Talal Dweikat said arrests were made, but he did not give a number.
The special force was dispatched from Jericho to Jenin Wednesday to help the local police deal with unrest, which had included shootings, fire bombs thrown at the governor's office and destruction of public and private property, Dweikat said.

Crime has increased in both the city and refugee camp of Jenin, once a militant stronghold, since Israeli troops moved in last month and killed a camp resident.

The Palestinian Authority has announced a firm stand against the crime wave, saying it will not allow the kind of lawlesslness that pervaded during the last decade to return. It says it believes the unrest is intended to undermine its rule.

Local leaders appealed to the public to cooperate with Palestinian security.
Jenin lawmaker Jamal Hweil wrote on his Facebook page that the force had surrounded the camp and started a security campaign. He told residents: "These soldiers are your brothers and dear ones...Your enemy is the Zionist occupiers who will pay a price every time they enter the camp."