Palestinian Protesters Hope for Independent Gaza War Probe

Hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated against PA decision to delay endorsing the Goldstone report.

Ramallah - A few hundred protesters demonstrated here yesterday against the Palestinian Authority's decision to delay endorsing the Goldstone report.

The demonstration was organized by a group of NGOs. Participants included activists from left-wing Palestinian parties and Mustafa Barghouti's Palestinian National Initiative party.

Notable for their absence were Fatah members, though a few of the movement's leaders joined in the criticism of the decision to postpone the vote on the report in the United Nations Human Rights Council. Nor did any well-known Hamas activists take part in yesterday's protest.

A few blue-uniformed Palestinian police officers circulated among the demonstrators in Manara Square, but there was no friction between them.

Despite the relatively small number of protesters, the activists seem convinced their actions and the public demand for a thorough investigation of the PA decision to ask for a postponement of the UN vote will continue to gain momentum.

Some of these organizations are sponsoring a proposal to establish an independent panel, possibly including Palestinian legislators, on the assumption that the committee that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas promised to appoint cannot be trusted to deliver the goods.

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