Palestinian Man Attempts to Set Himself on Fire in West Bank Village of Dura

Attempted self-immolation comes one day after a Gaza resident dies of wounds sustained by self-immolation a few days ago.

The phenomenon of self-immolation as a method of protest against economic inequality has found its way to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well.

Khaled Abu-Rabia, a 42-year-old resident of the Al-Fawar refugee camp, began dousing himself in gasoline with the intention of self-immolating on Tuesday in the municipality building in the West Bank town of Dura.

A guard took notice of Abu-Rabia as he was pouring gasoline over himself in front of the municipality director's office and jumped on him, preventing him from taking any further action.

Abu-Rabia apparently sought to self-immolate due to his inability to sustain an income. In the past, he had worked for the Palestinian police, and as a taxi driver; his most recent job has been selling coffee at a stand near the entrance to Al-Fawar.

Abu-Rabia's attempt came shortly after Ihab Abu-Nada, an 18-year-old resident of the al-Shati refugee camp near Gaza City, died of wounds he sustained from setting himself a flame a few days earlier.

Abu-Nada poured gasoline on his body and set himself on fire in the morgue at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, according to local police. He was critically wounded and died late Sunday..

Ab-Nada's father told reporters in Gaza that his son wanted to attract the attention to his family's poor living conditions.