Outpost Demolition Proceeding at Snail's Pace

The Civil Administration had finished mapping only nine illegal settlement outposts in the West Bank, containing 131 structures, by mid-2006, its report showed. This means that it has legal grounds for demolishing only about seven percent of all illegal buildings in the outposts (some 1,800).

Nine other outposts are currently being mapped, which will allow the state to issue demolition orders for the 159 illegal structures on their premises.

According to the report, 12 of the 88 outposts were built entirely on privately owned Palestinian land. Another 24 were built on state lands, four were constructed on land whose status has not been determined and the rest were built on more than one type of land.

The report recommends giving priority to demolishing buildings that have not yet been populated.

Administration spokesman Zidki Maman said the agency is currently mapping 13 illegal outposts. However, he declined to name the outposts in question.