The Israeli Right Must Stop Netanyahu's Messianism

No one is getting up and shouting: That's enough, I'm resigning, a dybbuk has possessed the man leading us. He is a messianist and is taking us to Masada.

You come from a vilified home, your parents stood alone confronting a community that mocked them. I sat with Yair Stern's wife in Netanya years ago to understand how a person could have executed himself out of belief in his lonely righteousness. Every man and woman in the right-wing Lehi militant group was alone. They didn't have a protected space, we did. They were self-declared heroes - the opposite of a morality that belongs to everyone.

The followers of Hillel Kook, one of the founders of the Irgun, along with Eri Jabotinsky, resigned from the first Knesset because it was not elected according to the Declaration of Independence. You are the children of people who were ostracized and paid a price for believing in your parents' path.

How is it that none of you is getting up and shouting: That's enough, I'm resigning, a dybbuk has possessed the man leading us. He is a messianist and is taking us to Masada. He is a Sicarii in a tie. When he talks about Iran he sounds the way false messiah Shabtai Zvi must have sounded.

It makes no difference what happens, it makes no difference how many of us die, I, Bibi, am going for it.

In your maturity you have forgotten your forefathers, like the man in the Knesset David Ben-Gurion used to call "the man sitting next to Dr. Bader." You are blindly following your leaders. It's unconscionable that you of all people, who came from a world that ostracized you, won't be the heroes who say: That's enough. You want to destroy Barack Obama? Not at the expense of our grandchildren and children. If you think you're king of the world, don't destroy our cities. To put off a nuclear program by a few months, it's not worth it for Ichilov Hospital, near where Iranian missiles will be aimed, to be destroyed with everyone inside.

Say "That's enough." You come from that painful experience, like Tzipi Livni, who is no longer with you but comes from the same place. Like Rivka Aridor, with whom I sat for days in a small apartment on Yosef Hanasi Street to help her write. She told me how her husband had been ostracized. And there's Limor Livnat; the venom she absorbed in her youth could be a nuclear bomb in itself. And Dan Meridor. After all, in your Beitar song, you sing about a generous, proud and fierce race; this is your moment to be heard and shout that the emperor has no clothes. We are being led to the greatest disaster in Israel's history.

Why aren't any of you getting up, leaving the keys on the table and saying that that's enough? It's up to you. Because what you do carries weight. You were trampled by Ben-Gurion, and you grew up in suffering and hatred - what our side would call the pragmatism of the fundamental leftist ideal: "We'll change henceforth the old tradition," as it says in "The Internationale."

But let one of you, the sons of the ethical heroes who believed in what we didn't believe in, arise and have mercy on the Jewish people rather than being loyal to the lunatic. Let one of you say we are Herut, we are Beitar, we know how to stand alone and we know we are right. Each one of us is loyal to his conscience - not everything is politics, not everything is trade-offs.

What Bibi has become and is doing is not you - he isn't you. Bibi is in a different place, where Jews burn wheat and barley meant for eating during a siege. As the children of ostracized heroes you were isolated, you fought alone without having a nation with you. Arise and stop the man before we are lost. Before all the dead. Before we understand that Israel is too small to beat a great power like Iran, or the United States.

Nothing good will come of it. The time has come for at least some of you to abandon your tribal loyalty and be heroes on your own, heroes who are coming to stop a plague. Because only you can. The man is suffering from megalomania. Iran for him is like a demon that has to be attacked so he can die and conquer the mountain.