Whose Economy Is This, Anyway?

How is it possible that after all the wall-to-wall protests, prices are still going up but salaries are not?

Prices are going to keep rising until summer, begging the question: How is it possible that after all the wall-to-wall protests, prices are still going up but salaries are not? From time to time someone will take a bit off the planned price hikes; for example, after the headlines announce that electricity is going up by 10.1 percent, it will go up at the last minute by "only" 9.9 percent instead.

Water will also be going up, along with all the other products of privatization - which, as we know, increases competition, just as American economist Milton Friedman promised. He also promised that the fewer organized workers there are, the better it is for the economy, and that the economy benefits from less government intervention.

But only when you ask "whose economy" do you really learn the truth. It is not what monetary economist Don Patinkin's boys have been spouting at us for decades, from their safe perch on the bridge between the university and the treasury and the banks' management, after discrediting all public initiatives as "Bolshevism."

As such, there has been no rental housing built by the government, and public medicine has been privatized to the point where it merely pretends to be an equitable system that's continually advancing. This of course depends on which mortality rate among the poor you're measuring (try infants), or morbidity rate (try the elderly).

Moreover, for the good of the economy, teachers' salaries are rendered a joke, and the educational system is sputtering along, warehousing children so that their parents can work to support them, in exchange for which the children's brains are swelled with "Judaism" - that is, preparation for the draft. And instead of shortening army service, they keep stuffing us with security threats.

Also, while the government may be reducing its involvement in the economy, it is busy burying the country as it frolics through "Judea, Samaria and the Binyamin region." Of course it must be involved there: That is eternal Israel, and one can't treat one's eternity as if we were talking about milk and cold cuts for every child. Who is that ignorant?

Let Palestine melt in our ugly construction, and let the Palestinians choke under our hobnailed boots. These also are products of the free market, because in free elections the Jewish majority has demanded that the Arabs be turned into a minority from whom we can steal, in the merit of King David, their last prized possession, so that they won't build a state on it.

The people, after all, demand social justice, but will make do with promises to the righteous messiah and televised denunciations ("Gunter Grass should be ashamed of himself! Whoever was a Nazi has to support us, and if he's against us, then he's a Nazi." ).

The people, both left and right, love denunciations. That's why there will be another protest this summer. Kadima head Shaul Mofaz will lead it, if there is no war. Labor head Shelly Yacimovich will also lead it, if she can succeed in being in all the places that need social-democratic leadership without mentioning the occupation. Meretz head Zahava Gal-On will come with the Military Police to draft the ultra-Orthodox, and budding politician Yair Lapid will come singing melancholy songs of grief. The leadership of Hadash, on the other hand, will split - its vegetarian part will come, while its carnivorous part will demonstrate in support of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Protest leader Daphni Leef, meanwhile, will return from Jewish Agency propaganda tours. And they say that some professors might even delay until fall those junkets that are called, for "progressive" tax purposes, "maintaining scientific connections" to influence from within, at least on tax policy - just like the CEOs who will be eagerly awaiting the protest, because summer is boring, hot and humid.

In short, the people demand an interesting summer. Then will come fall, and the impoverished, led by their small Facebook leaders, will continue to wait for the arrival of leaders outside Facebook, the big ones, who will suggest that they wait once again until summer.

Only Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a mathematical solution: Erase the poor, since no one can stand them anyway. They've always hated the ultra-Orthodox because they smell, and they hated Arabs because they smell too, and there are those who hate everyone, and don't forget the Iranians, and especially the Holocaust.

Thus the need for a leader grows, and as we all know from experience: If we want a leader awfully bad, we'll get an awfully bad leader.