Who's Next on the Hit List?

All that's left to do is wait to discover who the next people will be on the hit list of the Protocols of the Guardians of Zionism, which is apparently growing longer from minute to minute.

The director of Israel Radio, Michael Miro, wants to get rid of presenter Keren Neubach, and that fact of course speaks in Neubach's favor. She was originally taken off the Israel Broadcasting Authority's Channel 1 on the ridiculous grounds that she was not suited to the screen. Now they have decided to make her life a misery on her highly popular morning radio show, "Seder Yom." Since they cannot use the excuse that she is not "radiogenic," the IBA has decided for the time being to "balance" her (since she is a woman she is suspected of being unbalanced hormonally ) by pairing her with a man, and not just any man, but with columnist Menachem Ben.

If Ben, who is a settler (not for ideological reasons, but for economic convenience, as he once wrote), is supposed to balance Neubach then one can conclude from this that she is his opposite. That is to say, she is not homophobic, she is not racist, she is not misogynistic, and she does not attribute her skills to an LSD trip. She also knows English, believes in evolution, believes in medicine, and does not think that AIDS is merely a rumor. In addition, she is educated (she has a university degree, while Ben does not even have a matriculation certificate from high school ); she does not hate fat people (Ben explained that the TV program "Dancing with Stars" doesn't get better ratings because an overweight actress is a participant ); there is a chance that she reads a book to the end before she reviews it on the air; and she does not consider herself a "mega-celeb," as Ben said he was when he appeared on the "Big Brother" reality TV show. Of course, she is also a professional radio broadcaster and a real journalist - and it is this last characteristic that makes her unholy in the eyes of those who carry out missions for the Prime Minister's Office.

The second conclusion that stems from the attempt to "balance" Neubach is that those in charge at Israel Radio are not interested in a current affairs program with a social and feminist bent, and would rather have a program like "Politics" that would also change Neubach, once right-wing, male cohosts have been co-opted, from a moderator into a panelist and perhaps, in Miro's sweet dreams, into a media clown like Ben, so that she would then lose all credibility.

What reason does Miro have to appoint Ben, other than to make Neubach's life a misery? No reason. After all, if he did have a reason he would offer Ben his own program, or perhaps have Ben "balance" presenter Jojo Aboutboul - a bald Pole together with a Moroccan with a fine shock of hair. (In a program of that sort, Ben could once again voice his theory that Ashkenazis are a deprived minority. )

The third conclusion from the effort to "balance" Neubach is that the IBA is the dark cloud that augurs the long winter. Its actions are an obvious indication of the accelerated process of moral corruption that is taking over all state institutions, which have in recent days been been faced not only with Bolshevistic tactics but with a kind of McCarthyism in which, instead of the heart of the matter being discussed, it is the individual who is discussed. And it does not matter whether it is Neubach, whom the IBA chiefs have marked, or Adar Cohen, who is in charge of civics studies in schools and whom the newspaper Makor Rishon has deemed a "post-Zionist" and who is therefore in danger of being fired. (This is an opportunity to suggest a solution to the civics problem: Instead of books, let the students read Makor Rishon and Israel Hayom as their sole study materials. After all, they provide all that is necessary for those who want to study at the new university in Ariel, as we recently learned from the report of the Edmond Levy committee, which said the West Bank is not occupied territory. )

All that's left for us to do now is to wait with pounding hearts to discover who the next people will be on the hit list of the Protocols of the Guardians of Zionism, which is apparently growing longer from minute to minute.