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Tamar Zandberg, Go Home!

The new Meretz chairwoman betrayed voters by using the services of a far-right spin doctor and compounded the damage by lying about it

Alit Karp
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New Meretz Chairwoman Tamar Zandberg on March 23, 2018.
New Meretz Chairwoman Tamar Zandberg on March 23, 2018.Credit: Meged Gozani
Alit Karp

Tamar Zandberg, go home. You proved that everything they say about the left is true. From the start, I thought that most of your public appearances in various forums were dedicated to trivial issues such as legalizing marijuana, rather than fighting corruption and making peace with the Palestinians. But now — after it turned out that you used the services of Moshe Klughaft, a political strategist known for his anti-left campaigns; dissembled when asked about it, according to your interview with the Kalman-Liberman radio show on Reshet Bet Sunday morning and in fact openly lied — go home. If you stay at the helm of Meretz, you’ll underscore the arguments of opponents of the left: The left is irresponsible, it likes the easy life, it’s hypocritical, it lies and takes shortcuts it wouldn’t allow anyone else to take. And so, you must free us from you and your kind.

I’ve been a Meretz voter for a very long time, but if you head it I will no longer give the party my vote. For liars who feign innocence, for people who hire the creators of incitement campaigns and then lie about it, I don’t need to vote Meretz. I can vote for any other party with less pretense and a greater likelihood of becoming part of the decision-making process in this country.

Voting for Meretz is like being a fan of a soccer team that never wins. It’s difficult, exhausting and rooted in a belief in the justness of the cause, together with a belief in the integrity of its thought — and certainly in the integrity of those who lead it. I believed in the integrity of Shulamit Aloni, I believed in the integrity of Yossi Sarid, I believed in the integrity of Zehava Galon, and I do not believe in your integrity. It wasn’t enough that you used Klughaft’s services so you could learn from him how to use his morally corrupt tools; you then lied about it.

It doesn’t matter a bit whether you paid him or not, whether he led your party primary campaign or merely poured poison into the ears of those who took part in it. This is hair-splitting that is worthy of other politicians, the kind with which I thought you had nothing in common. Your saying he was not paid for his advice only makes it worse, since it means he volunteered for you. Soon you’ll be telling us that it’s all right for politicians to accept gifts from friends.

Your kind is a dime a dozen in Israeli politics. People of the true left, whose only remaining asset was their honesty and their faith in their leaders, feel, in the wake of this affair, that they were robbed even of this. Don’t dig in your heels. If you genuinely want the good of the party, submit your resignation today, call for a new party primary and do not put yourself forward as a candidate. All your good points, and you undoubtedly have them, are dwarfed by your lies.