This Israeli Minister Wrote One of the Worst Facebook Posts in the History of Zionism

A post on the culture minister's official Facebook page called on "the people" to protect Regev's star rating from a 'Breaking the Silence' assault

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Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev
Culture and Sports Minister Miri RegevCredit: Marc Israel Sellem/Pool Photo/Jerusalem Post

Breaking the Silence, that group of lefty traitors who have murder in their eyes and the blood of kosher Jews dripping from their computer mouse, has again launched a cruel attack to bring down Zionism, and this time they are taking aim at the ratings for Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev's official Facebook page.

Never mind. I give up. No matter how much I try to ridicule it, there's no way that I could describe it in a more ridiculous way than what the honorable culture minister's Facebook page herself states, calling on the people to rally around the flag to save the stars on her Facebook page rating.

By the way, Miri, I don't know how to break this to you, you're not some hummus restaurant when it comes to ratings. You're Israel's culture minister and even if someone is enough of an idiot to treat you like a hummus joint that has slipped from its former glory, you don't have to issue one of the most embarrassing Facebook posts in the history of Zionism.

And another small matter. If we stoop to the level of that post, Regev comes out the winner one way or another:

Even if there was no deliberate attempt to target her page's ratings, still hordes of internet users from the entire political spectrum will descend on her Facebook page to engage in a free-for-all over nothing. That includes anyone wanting to prove they are right, anyone whose lobotomy has turned him into a robot, but mostly, those who find this the funniest thing on the Web at the moment. (It really isn't. It's very sad).

On the other hand, if the Facebook page's star rating really was dragged down, for Regev that would be proof that she was right about Breaking the Silence's treasonous assault. And if the rating will go on the upswing? For Regev, that's a victory for the forces of Zion who stood guard at the breach, so let's go out and wave the flag.

A screenshot of Miri Regev's Facebook post.

But if we keep our head half a centimeter above the muck (which is occasionally allowed, dear minister), we'll find that what someone in the minister's office (maybe, just maybe) thought was a win-win was actually a loss for her Likud party, a loss to the Culture Ministry's image, for the minister and for the Israeli political system. The only winners are the bored cubicle dwellers who were looking for someone to look down on.

So here is the English translation of Regev's actual exemplary Facebook post:

Breaking Breaking the Silence

If Breaking the Silence is trying to intentionally hurt the ratings for my Facebook page on the Web, the time has come to take action.

It's important that we all mobilize to strengthen the star rating of the Facebook page.

Why is it important?

Because an achievement for Breaking the Silence is an achievement for the extreme left over Likud and the manner in which it presents – protecting the Land of Israel and the People of Israel.

It would be a victory of the Trojan horses over the loyalists of the State of Israel.

None of us wants to strengthen those fifth columnists over those fighting them and their immoral acts.

This requires that we right-wing, Zionist, Likudniks who love the Land of Israel stand as a single, strong, united bloc against those tarnishing the image of the State of Israel on the Web and defeat them.

Join me. Devote two precious minutes of your time and strengthen my Facebook page.

What do you need to do?

Step 1: Click on the stars.

Step 2: Write a positive response in favor of the agenda that I am leading.

Step 3: Click on five stars.

Step 4: Click "finish.".

Update: Either someone in Regev's office got some sense smacked into him, or the fear of losing to a bunch of back stabbing lefties and lily livered-pencil pushing veterans was too great for our besieged minister: The stars have disappeared from the Facebook page. No longer will we be able to weigh the benefits of our illustrious ministers against the neighborhood pizzeria.