May 8, Festival of Fools

In the politics of Israeli poker it is different. First, the jokers stay in the deck and above all there are a lot of counterfeit coins, coined phrases.

We always though elections were good for the people. Life is easier. The government fawns over us. After all, democracy has no other value because in any case the elites gain. Then afterwards, right after the elections, the government gets out of our bed, the magic of courtship is gone and it can rely only on our feeble memory, which in any case it replaces with Facebook, and what yesterday cruised gloriously on the computer like an aircraft carrier today looks like a leaky rowboat, and tomorrow only the emptiness will remain and the memory will be erased, because the Israeli memory exists only relative to national events and what the nation doesn't celebrate has never happened.

There is no opposition, certainly not on the left, that will mark May 8 as the Festival of Fools of which the slogan is "We are all idiots," with a cartoon of Kadima MK Shaul Mofaz on the lapel. In the Israeli democracy only one solid collective remains, beyond the border, a white minority over which the government must fawn because like every society of settlers it is violent, despite rabbinical proverbs as unctuous as Vaseline. And this fawning must, sooner or later, crush the rule of law.

Therefore we wanted an opposition and those who voted for former Kadima head Tzipi Livni perhaps were captivated by her charms and did not remember that beyond her stood the cynical men who learned to trick the natives in the colonies beyond the Green Line, MK Avi Dichter and Mofaz. It doesn't happen out of the blue that one morning a man wakes up and feels like a lord who extracts an admission from the native: "The truth is whatever my lord says."

But this is the status of truth in a society without opposition. Don't be fooled by Mofaz's paratrooper glory: It's been decades since a paratroop officer has boldly conquered a fortified site. Mofaz is the clearest representative of the military rot: the lord who has come from the territories. "The truth is whatever my lord says." An opposition should of course have kept a watchful eye on the government because a democracy, like any power, manufactures lies that have the status of truth. And an opposition is charged with criticism of the truth the government manufactures.

For example, when they tell us how important it is that elections be held, an inundation of texts manufactures the truth that "elections are necessary." Yair Lapid leaps onto the stage for a stunning rock star performance without music. Mofaz enlists the Tal Law (condemning Labor Party chair MK Shelly Yacimovich who "has no ideology," the words of the May 8 fool ). And this nonsense, as though it is the conscription of the ultra-Orthodox that is our problem, gets the status of a "reason for a crisis," with the help of the political correspondents who are also participants in the construction of the "truth," but an hour later the headline changes, the truth becomes a lie and the lie becomes a new truth - "changing the system of government."

Yair Lapid will have to find a new freelancer to write something about the ultra-Orthodox. Meretz chair MK Zahava Gal-On will have to decide what truth she will sell now after the ultra-Orthodox have served Mofaz so well, like diversionary fire in an infantry maneuver. Everyone knows the difference between poker for money and poker for matches. In the former it is possible to enjoy winning and suffer losing, in the latter you just laugh. In both cases the jokers are discarded.

In the politics of Israeli poker it is different. First, the jokers stay in the deck and above all there are a lot of counterfeit coins, coined phrases. The language of politics is a decrepit whore and at the moment Mofaz is its pimp. Wouldn't it have been easier to stay in the Likud? What was your rush, instigator?

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