Letters to the Editor: Xenophobia and the Ayalon Bridge Construct

Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor

Self-built xenophobic ghetto

In response to “This is the resume of an Israel lover” (Hadar Harris, August 24)

A well-written additional warning from an impeccable source about the transformation of a republic into a xenophobic ghetto built from within. She joins the chorus being corralled into The Enemy ensconced in the lowland acres. 

The chief of the Big B Ranch is following the script of the 17-year-old who guns down his family. They caught him skimming from the trust funds and business accounts to pay for his addictions and his gal`s desires. In the courtroom this coarse-behaving individual now, of course, seeks mercy from the jury and judge because he is an orphan following the murders of his parents.

Helen Keller, without aide Annie Sullivan, could see what is happening here. The “White Is Right” militias and their cohorts, under their white hoods, are turning green with envy at what they hear is transpiring here. 

The state is going to look at the files of Ethiopians now resident. Not permit any more to come? It continues to libel and slander refugees as “infiltrators” at worst as it also calls the economic migrants while it imports less dark-skinned workers and welcomes self-admitted, Euro-Russian economic migrants. Some of these better business bureaucrats will probably even be selling armaments to the alt-right militias and those Covered Crusaders for Conservatism. 

I sincerely hope that your “Departures/Arrivals” column will be there when the next political interview is just finished at a port of entry. Perhaps some more likely to be denied entry people could report very quickly after being turned back. I hope that Hadar will neither be silent nor ignore contacting those who have had these interviews, already. Praying for change, silently, in the back of a bus does not bring change. Being seen and heard by the silent herd is the only way to overcome.

May the New Year, to come, be better than the present one, Ms. Harris.

Z’ev Freed

Be’er Sheva

How not to build a bridge

In response to “Yisrael Katz vs. the public” (Haaretz Editorial, August 24)

The current brouhaha about the pedestrian bridge over the Ayalon is certainly in the best tradition of trumping thinking (or lack thereof) — create a nonproblem and then successfully waste vast resources circuitously not solving it.

I doubt any reasonably intelligent first-year architecture or engineering student could not design a pedestrian bridge over the Ayalon whose construction would not disturb ongoing city life. Possibly their faculty might be flummoxed by such design complication, but not the kids. (I’ll not ask the question of why the bridge might even be needed.) Meanwhile, it is inconceivable that the bridge program did not include stipulations regarding means of constructions and ramifications relating thereto.

It’s time the government infrastructure people are held responsible for just reasonably mature judgment. We are paying a inordinate price for their incompetence and it should stop.

Richard C. Fogelson

Tel Aviv

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