Letters to the Editor: World Jews and BDS, Netanyahu and Defense Officials

Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor

Losing Diaspora allies

As someone who devoted much of his professional life to fighting the Arab states’ economic boycott of Israel, I feel obligated to stress that while engaged in all this activity, both open and secret, we were helped by one faithful and forceful ally – world Jewry, in all its component parts. In the battle against the BDS movement, in contrast, we’ve lost significant portions of those loyal allies, and this is due to the stupid, offensive remarks of individuals like Yair Netanyahu, groups like Im Tirtzu and even ministers and Knesset members who aren’t comfortable with pro-Israel organizations such as the New Israel Fund and others like it. 

Only a fascist country, and Israel isn’t one, insists that only one voice be heard in national struggles.

Yuval Elitzur


They deserve a prize, not an inquest

In response to “Probe the leakers, not Netanyahu,” (June 7)

The leaders of Israel's army and the defense establishment, including former Mossad chiefs Meir Dagan and Tamir Pardo – who personally prevented a war of Gog and Magog against Iran from being started by Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak – deserve the gratitude of all Israelis – and a prize. 

In a liberal democracy, whose remnants still survive with difficulty in Israel, people of conscience in the government are obligated to prevent existentially dangerous moves like that of the Bibi-Barak duo. A relevant example of something that merited such mobilization was the leak of the Pentagon Papers by Daniel Ellsberg, which revealed to the American public the web of lies underlying the government’s actions in the Vietnam War.

Israel does need a state commission of inquiry – but not into the “Pardo affair.” Rather, such a commission is needed to investigate how a delusional religious-nationalist minority has taken Israel and all its state institutions captive, and continues to lead it toward the destruction of the endeavor by the Jewish people to establish their independence. Soon, it will be too late.

Ze’ev Cohen

Ramat Hasharon

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