Letters to the Editor: Bible Studies in West Bank and Israeli Healthcare Reform

Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor

The redemption of Jesus

In response to “Israel funds Christian evangelical Bible training program in a West Bank settlement” (Judy Maltz, August 20).

Haaretz exposed another part of the threatening growth of the evangelical-fundamentalist project to convert Israeli students to another religion. Behind the information about the “experimental, Bible-based training program,” which is intended to create a leadership reserve in Israeli society, hides the power of foreign Christian organizations’ involvement in the state’s education systems.

This cooperation with foreign organizations is one of the many examples of the spiritual bankruptcy of religious Zionism and the religious squalor of the politicians from the national-religious camp. They need reinforcement from foreign fundamentalists, whose vision, although they don’t tend to publicize it, is the massive conversion of Israel’s Jews to Christianity. I’m writing this on the basis of my research into the Jewish-evangelical “dialogue” taking place over the last centuries.

Once again it is clear to see that despite the national-religious politicians’ current control of a considerable part of the education system, they are incapable of marketing their dubious political merchandise without the generous financial support of foreign organizations. These organizations are ultimately advancing an anti-Jewish religious agenda.

Why haven’t rabbis, intellectuals and religious scholars’ voices been heard on this serious issue? It seems that political considerations are pretty selective regarding religious issues. The Israeli public should demand that the Knesset Education Committee hold an urgent debate on the matter.

Professor Israel Bartal


What about health security?

In response to “Reversing policy, PM seeks long-term army budget rise,” (Hagai Amit, August 17)

Some 5,000 people die in Israeli hospitals every year due to infections. The prime minister announced that he plans to raise the defense budget by billions – a move that will surely lead to an across-the-board slash in the budgets of all ministries, including the Health Ministry.

I ask the prime minister: What would happen if 5,000 soldiers were killed every year? What a commotion that would have raised in the state. Is national fortitude only military strength?

If the prime minister sat for a few hours in a hospital emergency room waiting for treatment, he would understand the overcrowding, the lack of personnel and the danger of getting infected. There is an acute shortage of nurses, hospital beds, isolation rooms and modern equipment for the safe disinfection of medical devices. Patients with infections lie in the same room with patients who are not infected, with only a curtain separating them, while other patients lie in the corridors.

The prime minister apparently does not have an in-depth understanding of the distress. I and many like me, who have served the state from the day it was established, expect him to stop neglecting the population’s health, which damages the state’s fortitude.

Isaac Ginzburg


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