Letters to the Editor: IDF Veterans at the Kotel and the Balfour Declaration

Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor

Forgetting their history

In response to "Dozens of Israeli Army Veterans of Six-Day War Roughed Up Trying to Bring Torah Scrolls to Western Wall" (Israel News, Judy Maltz, October 10)

Disgusting is too mild a term to describe the behavior of the security guards at the Western Wall when they shoved the former battalion commander of the 55th Paratroop Brigade to prevent him from bringing a torah scroll into the Wall’s complex to participate in the Friday morning service together with the Women of the Wall. Shame on them.

These guards were kids when these paratroopers liberated the Old City. How dare they treat the veterans in this most disrespectful way. They should bury their heads in shame. Of course nothing will be done about it because the Western Wall Foundation is run by the ultra orthodox who are “above reproach”.

Surely the Prime Minister is appalled by the shabby treatment of the veterans but of course he wouldn’t dare utter a word against the ultra orthodox for fear of losing their support.

If enough protest is made perhaps something may be done, but its doubtful.

Joseph Charlaff

Mevasseret Zion

Legacy of Balfour Declaration

In response to “Legacy of Balfour Declaration is toxic for Israelis and Palestinians” (Jerusalem and Babylon, Anshel Pfeffer, October 20)

The Balfour Declaration is the most significant occurrence in the Jewish history in the last 1,850 years. After almost two millenniums of undistinguished Jewish existence, for the first time a sovereign power, Great Britain, declared loud and strongly in the Balfour Declaration that the Jewish people is a nation and as such is entitled to a land of its own, in Palestine.

The declaration was so loud and authoritative that the nations of the world listened and through the League of Nations appointed the Great Britain to implement it, with the British mandate to Palestine ratified by the League of Nations in 1922. Maybe Balfour and Comp. envisaged a federative entity like a modern united states, with structure to be devised on the way, maybe they had no vision at all.

What is sure is that, at a time when Jews were making world history with the top Jewish Bolsheviks in Soviet Union, Rosa Luxembourg in Germany, Leon Blum in France, the [Balfour]declaration and the Mandate made clear that these are our and your Jews, but besides that there is this Jewish nation and its country is in Palestine.

Official recognition of the Zionist Organization followed, and enabled it to pursue extensive propaganda and financial activities in Europe, America and South Africa, towards strengthening the Yishuv in Palestine. And, not less important, it gave Jewish youths of the world the opportunity to dream, organize and fulfill the dream of restoring the Jewish nation in Palestine.

Dr. Ruth Sharon


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