Letters to the Editor: Lucky Americans, the UNHRC, and Persecuting Sara

Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor

Lucky Americans

Everyone wants to be happy and one way to be happy is to realize how lucky you are to be an American. Americans are the lucky 5 percent of the world’s population. Billions of people spend their lives dreaming of becoming Americans and often undertake long, arduous, dangerous journeys in the hope and dream of getting to America. Those who are blessed to be Americans should realize how lucky they are and be incredibly grateful for the blessings of living in such a great land of freedom, opportunity, peace and prosperity.

Shlomo Klein

Brooklyn, New York

The UNHRC scam

It is almost totally “people of color” who are being persecuted under the supposedly protective cover of the UN Human Rights Council.

The UNHRC, like every other United Nations body, is controlled by the 56-state bloc of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Nothing happens without their approval, including seats and chairmanships on councils, commissions and nonprofit organizations.

The OIC is easy to please. To it, the UN’s function is to funnel money from the few wealthy Western democracies into the coffers of third-world dictators and to those entities willing to play ball with the OIC. Aside from the unearned redistribution of wealth, participating in the delegitimization and destruction of the state of Israel is essential.

The UNHRC is the perfect foil. Its membership comes largely from the most vicious human rights abusers. By focusing primarily on the only Jewish state and one which has a strong, free and open government and judiciary, they shield their own members and their friends from the scrutiny and condemnation they deserve.

Every self-respecting, free society should shun the UNHRC for the scam that it is.

Len Bennett

Ottawa, Canada

Persecuting Sara

Doesn’t the State Prosecutor’s Office have anything better to do with its time then to go after Sara Netanyahu on such flimsy charges? Even if she erred isn’t there something like a stern warning? This is truly pathetic.

Even if a person is unlikeable, that’s not a crime.

Netty Gross-Horowitz


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