Letters to the Editor: Israeli Torture, Bedouin, the Likud and Trump's Refugee Ban

Israel's torture methods

Israeli doctors’ role in torture

Regarding “Torture, Israeli-style — as described by the interrogators themselves” (Chaim Levinson, Jan. 24)

Congratulations for exposing something of Israel’s use of torture. The role of Israeli doctors and of the Israel Medical Association was not mentioned.

According to the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Tokyo, every doctor has a duty not only to refrain from direct participation but must protect the detainee and speak out whenever they believe torture to be taking place.

A year ago we sent some of the copious evidence of Israeli doctors’ complicity in torture to the WMA, its president, Sir Michael Marmot, and to the IMA.

Disgracefully, all failed to take the necessary action, either failing to respond at all or being transparently partisan in evading the truth.

Now that you have exposed Israeli torture we hope you will report on the role of Israeli doctors and the IMA. Will you press for justice for the tortured and to the torturers? The IMA must end its long-standing state of denial.

This is a beginning, please ensure you continue the work you have only just begun.

Chris Burns-Cox, Derek Summerfield, Ghada Karmi and 68 other U.K. doctors
Gloucestershire, U.K.

We deserve explanations

1. Why should the Israel Defense Forces have firing ranges in the Jordan Valley, where there is a civilian agricultural population, dwellings, animal shelters etc. destroyed, while many parts of the Negev south of Yeruham are empty of human population and activity?

2. Why have the relevant authorities never bothered to fulfill their duties of surveying the sites, drawing development plans, registering ownership and other elementary tasks for the many Bedouin settlements in the Negev the Israeli authorities created some 50 years ago?

It is incomprehensible that the town of Umm al-Hiran should be demolished in order to settle religious Jews. Surely poor development towns would welcome the donations these religious Jews would receive from our government and rich sponsors from abroad by accepting them such as in Beit Shemesh, for example.

Bedouin are citizens of Israel, and should not be treated as pariahs.

Their circumstances are a disgrace and stain on us all

Prof. Leslie Stoch
Kfar Vradim

Peak cynicism in Likud

Just when the sensible Israeli public thought that the rulers of our land had reached their cynicism peak with their unprecedented attacks on the media, law enforcement and indeed anyone else who does not toe the official Likud line in the prime minister’s corruption probes, we have witnessed an event which defies belief: the so-called Likudiada, a let’s-drink-and-be-merry festival dedicated partly to celebrating the unchallenged rule of the extreme right, but also to laying the foundations of a North-Korean style inheritance of power. Indeed, the Likud diehards are sensing that Bibi Netanyahu’s days in office are numbered, and a portrait of an heir-apparent has been displayed, that of his son Yair. This would normally be written off as another circus act to be forgotten by the next news event, except that our elected leaders chose to have their party on the date of International Holocaust Remembrance Day. I am not protesting this contemptible act of chutzpah solely as a descendant of Holocaust survivors, but also in light of the fact that showing disrespect to any memorial day dedicated to the Holocaust only adds fuel to the fire of Holocaust deniers and other Israel-haters (of whom there is no short supply) who can now say: Why should the world dedicate a memorial day to the so-called victims of the Nazi genocide when on this very day the ruling party in Israel is throwing a bash?

Let us find comfort in the wisdom of the court jester “Culture” Minister Miri Regev who taught us the real moral of this farce: she is PROUD that the Likudiada was held on Holocaust Remembrance Day. I rest my case.

Andy Leitner
ORT Kiryat Bialik

No parallel between Holocaust victims and Muslim refugees

Regarding “ADL chief: History will frown on Trump’s heartless attack on refugees” (Jonathan Greenblatt, Jan. 29)

Greenblatt’s op-ed is bigotry. Why would he link today’s Muslim refugees/migrants with the victims of the Holocaust? Anti-Semitism is the world’s longest-lasting sin, driven in the 20th and 21st centuries by the union of Nazism and radical Islam.

From the late 1920s, the British-appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, persecuted the Jews of the British Mandate. He was involved in organizing and recruiting Muslims into the mainly Bosnian-Muslim 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar, and he and Hitler had plans to follow Rommel’s forces into Palestine to continue the Holocaust.

The greatest source of anti-Semitism today is Islam, whether one looks at the United Nations or other international bodies. Brought to their knees in the early 1970s by the Arab oil embargo, most nations abandoned Israel and played into the Islamists’ agenda.

In America, the Muslim Brotherhood, the epicenter for Sunni terrorism, had made great strides. Its surrogates are Hamas, the Council on American–Islamic Relations and the Muslim Students Association.CAIR is tasked with infiltrating their government and military. The MSA brings anti-Semitism to universities with Israel Apartheid Week, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement and other so-called pro-Palestinian actions. Hamas, of course, is mandated to kill Jews everywhere.

By all means, link anti-Semitism with other atrocities, but the United States, like Europe, has paid a price for allowing unvetted immigration. There are 56 Islamic nations that could/should take care of their brothers.

Len Bennett
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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