Letters to the Editor: The Occupation, Jordan and Israel and the Democrats

Letters to the Editor
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Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer speaks during a the American AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, March 26, 2017.
Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer speaks during a the American AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, March 26, 2017.Credit: ANDREW BIRAJ/AFP
Letters to the Editor

Regarding “The real threats to Israel” (Moshe Arens, March 27)

Arens has not moved one centimeter from his extreme right-wing views. He is careful not to say that Iran with nuclear weapons would be an existential threat to Israel. Instead he philosophizes about the possibility of there being a “balance or terror” between Israel and Iran similar to the one that existed between the Soviet Union and the United States. He does not want to contradict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, so this is all written as a question and not as a statement.

Meir Dagan was a much-admired head of the Mossad who disagreed entirely with Netanyahu’s opinion about the Iranian threat and even contradicted him publicly. Arens does not present these fact at all! Dagan, Tamir Pardo and five of the last six heads of the Shin Bet security service are all in agreement that the occupation is Israel’s greatest danger. Pardo described it as “the only existential threat to Israel’s future.”

The reference by Arens to the Jordanian attack on Israel in June 1967 is not only misleading, it is absolutely irrelevant to this article. Young people who don’t know all the facts about the Six-Day War may not know that after Israel attacked Egypt and Syria, Nasser demanded that King Hussein attack Jerusalem.

Stan Sagie,
Ramat Yishai

Zvi Bar’el is right in his assessment that the forthcoming Arab League Summit in Amman will be held against a backdrop of ongoing chaos in the region. To be realistic, I am 100-percent sure that the civil wars in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Libya will intensify for years to come and that the destruction will continue unabated. Palestinians themselves have been divided since 2006 and I can see them united in the aftermath of the summit. Having said this, no one can deny the indispensable role played by Jordan’s King Abdullah II in regional and global peace and security. He remains indefatigable in forging a just, comprehensive and durable peace between Arabs and Israelis, in the footsteps of his father the late King Hussein (a lion in peace and war). Jordan is an oasis of peace, tranquility and stability in a turbulent region. Jordan is at the front line in the battle against extremism, radicalism and international terrorism. Jordan is a safe haven for refugees in the aftermath of the Syrian civil war and since time immemorial (the biggest host of Palestinian refugees worldwide per capita). Jordan is a melting pot of cultures, religions and a defender of interfaith, interreligious and interethnic dialogue and understanding. I personally believe in peace and aware that the Arab world is passing through an abhorrent phase of instability, death, destruction and bloodshed, regional and global proxy wars, due to years of corruption, mismanagement, embezzlement, etc. The latest terror attack in London epitomizes our tireless struggle against dark forces. However, a lasting peace must come with social justice, security for all irrespective of religion, creed, color and social background.

Dr. Munjed Farid Al Qutob

Regarding U.S. Jewish leaders warn Israelis against close embrace of Trump (Barak Ravid & Amir Tibon, March 28)

Do Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not understand that there is daylight between Israel (certainly its present government) and the Democrats — and this appears to be growing as more and more American Jews, many of whom are Democrats, come to understand the grip that the settler movement has on the Israeli government--not to mention the developing attitude of non-Jewish Democrats? Do Dermer and Netanyahu plan to let this situation fester while mouthing platitudes (which seems to be the only sort of thing that Netanyahu knows how speak)? When things devolve yet more, we will hear surprised weeping and wailing from those who can stop the development now. Just when one thinks that things can’t get more stupid than they are, they get even more stupid. Netanyahu and Dermer’s “procedure” seems to be willed stupidity.

via Haaretz.com

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