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Israeli of mixed national, ethnic, religious background seeks guidance in nurturing resentments; open letter to conscientious objector.

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Tair Kaminer
Tair KaminerCredit: Tomer Appelbaum

Whom to hate?

I must admit that I am in a quandary. I have been following the news concerning the remarks of Mr. Orsher and the barrage of counter remarks with great interest. [Gidi Orsher, film critic of Army Radio, was suspended after writing a Facebook post disparaging “the Shas types on the one hand, the Mizrahi Rainbow on the other and the professional wailers from the East.”] Evidently I have not been in Israel long enough but I now realize that it is incumbent on me to hate someone.

My dilemma is very simple: Of my eight grandparents, four were born in Germany, two in Morocco and two were Australian-Scottish Protestants.

So who am I meant to hate? Any advice from your readers would be deeply appreciated.

Anthony Weill


Open letter to Tair Kaminer

Tair, we salute you for your courageous stand as a conscientious objector, instead of taking the “easy way out” of the army.

I am a great-grandmother today who came on aliya with a group from Habonim to a kibbutz, and over the years all members of our family served in the IDF, and participated in the wars to defend our land.

However, today I too would have strong objections to serving in the Israel Army of Occupation, and feel desperately sorry for those who go into the army to defend their country, yet are obligated to “follow orders” that are patently immoral.

On another level, too, you are speaking up for those girls from disadvantaged backgounds who suffer from the blindness or rigid bureaucracy in our society. Therefore you are doing another great service to your country.

Many great changes were wrought by lone individuals who stood by their principles.

Be strong and of good courage.

Reena Stoch

Kfar Vradim