Letters to the Editor

Why talk peace when rockets are falling?

The latest rocket attack on Eilat should finally enable the very weak Israeli government to state that it has no interest in continuing the so-called peace negotiations. Eilat is a prime tourist resort and borders Jordan and the Gulf of Aqaba. Even those who are enamored of the word peace can understand once and for all that Eilat is beyond any discussion of territory. What makes Israel tick? Does she love having United States delegations in its hotels? Does she love having the streets of Jerusalem impassable because of the constant entourages that accompany the peace negotiators? Does Israel love paying for security when these visitors go to Ramallah constantly? Why can`t Israel just say no and have the United States make sure that the Palestinians understand that there can be no  talk of peace while they are permitting these rockets to fall. Israel surely wants peace but rockets are instruments of war.

Toby Willig

Look whos calling people obsessed

In response to The obsession called the Jewish state, Gideon Levy, Opinion, January 19:

Does Gideon Levy read his own newspaper? Evidently not. The very same edition of Haaretz reported that UNESCO cancelled an exhibition on the ties between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel after a group of Arab states protested. When Arab lands are in upheaval and Arabs are being slaughtered by the thousands, the Arab fixation on the Jewish connection to their land is, I gather, an expression of good mental health. And when UNESCO acquiesces without so much as a whimper, and UN agencies in general focus disproportionately on Israeli misdeeds, this is perfectly normal. Ah, but to dare say what we Jews have said for generations – oy, call the psychiatrist!

The truly sad feature of Levys piece is that the loaded words he uses – irrational, anxiety, guilt – align rather uncomfortably with the reaction of those who squirm at any expression of Jewish particularism. How dare we be different? How dare we suggest values other than those deemed universal? How dare we see ourselves other than as the world judges us? And oh no, this is not in the slightest bit destructive. Psychiatrist anyone?

Edward Breuer