Letters to the Editor

Opposition from within

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said this week that the recent murders in Judea and Samaria were a result of the peace process. In light of this remark, and the remarks and actions of other cabinet ministers, I hereby propose the following changes to their titles. Yaalon should now be the war minister. Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel should be the settlements minister. Economy Minister Naftali Bennett should be the minister of ultra-Orthodox-Zionist and ultranationalist affairs, and Finance Minister Yair Lapid should be the minister of Facebook.

Its time the prime minister put an end to the embarrassing spectacle of senior cabinet ministers issuing declarations and acting contrary to his governments policies.

Menachem Hyatt, Upper Nazareth

Driving licentiousness?

(In response to Leading rabbi speaks against women drivers, Haaretz Staff, November 15)

The story about the rabbi offering a pesak that women should not drive because it can lead to licentious behavior may be offset by two examples.

During World War II, since so many Jerusalem men were in the military service, local taxi companies hired women drivers. There is a famous photo from the 1940s of a Jerusalem woman driver waiting as two bearded gentlemen in black coats entered her cab.

In Atlanta, Georgia, my own family did not purchase a car until the late 1920s. My Zaddie, HaRav Tuvia Geffen, who received his ordination from the Slobodka yeshiva, encouraged his four daughters to get a drivers license, a suggestion which they followed. He had no problem riding in a car when any one of them might be driving.

Dr. David Geffen, Jerusalem