Letters to the Editor

Memo to the slanderers

There is a dishonest habit in Israel. Whenever one person, on a television program, utters a critical word against someone else, a number of other slanderers immediately join the anti chorus. I am referring to the recent criticism of the gala event to honor President Shimon Peres 90th birthday.

All those slanderers and mud-slingers must remember that he is the first president, and incidentally not only in Israel, to reach the grand age of 90 while still in office; and he is still lucid and brilliant, he has a silver tongue and he is welcomed with joy and royal honor throughout the world. The State of Israel must be proud of the fact that great public figures from all over the world are coming to Israel to honor the president. It is important to note that the celebration that is being criticized is just one of dozens of meetings and sessions, important for the state, over the three days of the Presidential Conference.

Few words are needed to remind Israelis and all the critics and complainers of his actions as director general of the Defense Ministry he initiated, promoted and founded the nuclear reactor, whose deterrent factor is the reason the state still exists.

Respect the admired president.

Yehiel Amitai


Hassan and Tshuva, tycoons

A tycoon named Alon Hassan, who pretends to be a port worker, took over the Ashdod Port, uses port workers who help him in his business ventures in return for the peanuts he throws them and corrupts the management, which cooperates with him. Considering the success of Hassans pretense, I would recommend to Yitzhak Tshuva to get hired as an ordinary worker at Israel Electric Corporation or Israel Natural Gas Lines, and even to run for head of the union. Instead of being seen as an evil tycoon he will be considered protector of the working man as if.

Amit Karni