Letters to the Editor


Israel cannot afford to be dumb this time

The statements made by the United States and the European Union have opened our eyes at long last. We now know how much they really care about Israel because they are now working around the clock to make sure that Israel will agree to a cease-fire to save Hamas. To these countries, Israels safety is not important. Israeli lives are not important. What is important is that Hamas is not threatening them. Israel can disappear as far as they are concerned.

I still cannot comprehend such perfidy on behalf of Israels self-proclaimed friends. Israel must win the battle against Hamas now. When we stop our mission in Gaza, Hamas will just acquire more and better weapons, with the idea that it really can destroy us. Israel cannot afford to be dumb this time. Israel cannot afford to do anything but win the war against Hamas. If we want to survive in a world filled with hyenas, we have to remain alive and able to defend ourselves.

No, I am not thirsty for blood, but a cease-fire now would mean freezing the situation. Hamas would certainly present a continuation of the current situation as a victory that leaves it in full power in Gaza, with a stock of several thousand rockets.

It would undertake not to resume further launch of rockets, but a so-called little-known group over which Hamas has no control would take up the rocket fire, followed by another one and then, encouraged, Hamas would join the game.
The game would progressively advance, to check when Israel would respond, and within a short period we would find ourselves in the same situation as today — except that in the meantime it will have acquired more rockets that are more powerful and more sophisticated.

Israel should stride to a cease-fire only after liquidating the rocket stockpile in the Gaza Strip. A mechanism to prevent stockpiling more rockets would be a good thing — but the destruction of the present stockpile should be a MUST.