Letters to the Editor

Desperation on the right

In response to With friends like these ... (Opinion, Bradley Burston, May 12)

Bradley Burstons op-ed denouncing the vile outpourings against people like Stephen Hawking and Peter Beinart by self-proclaimed defenders of Israel is timely and eloquent, but I wonder whether Bradley should be so upset. I see these hysterical efforts as a sign of desperation on the right. It is starting to get through to them that they cannot win. They may have prevented the two-state-solution although even that is not yet certain, bearing in mind current diplomatic activity but they will have to find ways to deal with the Palestinians, who are not going anywhere, despite the bullying tactics of the settlers. It is clear that the world is simply not buying the idea that several million people will continue to live without basic human and civil rights. There is no way to evade democracy in the long term and that is the reason that our super-patriots are becoming increasingly shrill.

Daniel Gavron

Motza Illit

Pay up, PM

Enough, enough, enough! It is not enough to say I didnt know, On the next flights it wont happen, It was a busy day the prime minister and his wife simply need to return the money. The bed they asked to be installed for them on the short flight disgraces them and disgusts us. Maybe they dont hear it enough, but there are limits to what we, the people, are willing to bear. Maybe the prime minister will change his hedonistic habits at our expense and be willing to show a different example moral, ethical to the people?

Naomi Miller